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Monday, January 20, 2014

Out of the Furnace (December 6, 2013) R

Christian Bale (Batman Begins, The Machinist, Newsies)
Casey Affleck (Ocean's Eleven, Gone Baby Gone, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford)
Woody Harrelson (The Hunger Games, Now You See Me, Seven Pounds)
Willem Dafoe (Boondock Saints, Spider-Man, Daybreakers)

From the first moment when Woody Harrelson nearly beat a dude to death, I knew this was definitely not a feel good movie... This movie didn't pull a single punch and was COMPLETELY unpredictable.
Casey Affleck as Rodney Baze, Jr., bare-knuckle fight scene
(Photo taken from craveonline.com)

The acting is incredible, if you can't tell from the cast.  Christian Bale goes without saying, and Casey Affleck already showed me how dark and brooding he can be with Robert Ford, but Woody Harrelson's character was just the worst kinda guy.  Harrelson just played that kinda guy you hope you never have to do business with, or talk to.  Like ever.

This is a dark drama about doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons, and how far some men are willing to go for family.

Woody Harrelson as Harlan DeGroat, GREAT villain
(Photo taken from spinningplaters.com)
Definitely not a date movie, but a perfectly acted artistic piece if that's your thing.

Factoid: In the steel mill scenes in the beginning, Christian Bale is actually operating the furnace.  He had to learn how to do it so that a stunt double didn't have to be used.

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